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What our SourceOwls are saying

Why didn’t someone think of this before? SourceOwls is easy to use and understand. They give me all the information needed to find candidates. Submitting candidates to jobs is a breeze too! SourceOwls is my new recruiting resource.
Mike S., Chicago, IL
I have a full time job and with the Sourceowls notification center I set up my recruitment specialties and the roles that I like to fill. I get notified when those jobs become available. The system keeps me informed so I can focus on my full time role.
Sandy P., White Plains, NY
I’m amazed as to how easy they have made it to view and submit candidates. Lot’s of new jobs are entered daily. This is huge!
John R., Raleigh, NC
I’ve been a recruiter for several years and was looking for a platform to leverage my experience and network to make extra money in my spare time. The SourceOwl platform is easy to use and provides me with many roles to Source candidates in my specialty. I’m excited to finally have a real mechanism to make significant part time income. Thanks SourceOwls!
Donna G., Cleveland, OH
I love recruiting and am very experienced in it. I was looking for a way to use my knowledge, industry expertise and candidate pool in a more flexible way where I could generate a strong revenue stream. I found SourceOwls and it has checked every box. I couldn't recommend it more!
Greg H., San Diego, CA